Casos de éxito- Recomendaciones internacionales (en inglés)

Community Options Inc.- Robert Stack CEO and President

As CEO and President of Community Options, Inc., I have worked closely with Sara Mariner.  She combined exceptional organizational and multitasking skills with personal warmth and fortitude that made her an invaluable team member.

Sara´s energy and enthusiasm, was contagious to all those the she worked with. Her original, creative ideas contributed greatly to success of Community Options. Sara will be a valuable asset to your organization. She is an ultimate team player and a wonderful person.

The Center for Discovery, Patrick H. Dollard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the CEO, I have worked with Sara Mariner for two years through her affiliations with The Center for Discovery and The Standing Tall Program. Sara held the position of Chief Administrator of the Standing Tal Program, in addition, she has worked on other projects for The Center, including acting as liaison for our international training project with the Instituto Nuevo Amanecer in Monterrey, Mexico.

I have found Sara to be extremely dedicated, flexible, hard working, positive and intelligent. She works well with all kinds of people and is an excellent team member, who will follow through to completion the projects she is assigned. She has a wonderfully outgoing personality, great language skills (she is bi-lingual) and also has an innate sensitivity to people with disabilities.

Sara was always professional in her work and she represented The Center for Discovery very well. I highly recommend her for any administrative position as she has the skills to direct and supervise people, while representing your organization with loyalty and dedication.

Bank of America – Douglas Murunga, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager

As an Assistant – Vice President and Branch Manager of one of the largest banking center for Bank of America, I had de pleasure of dealing with Sara Mariner in her capacity as the Directo of Corporate Relations for Community Options Inc.

Her convictions and enthusiasm convinced me to get involved with her organization at the advisory level. She is very professional and extremely resourceful. Her expertise and strength of character were evident the projects that were worked on together within the community and her drive to see a project through always made a difference. She is a leader, a motivator and a person to rely on in crisis situation. I would without hesitation recommend Sara to be part of any team that wants to be successful.

Community Options – Hope Arvanitis, National Director of Communications and Management (two Emmy awards)

As the National Director of Communications and Management at COI, I had the pleasure of seeing Sara blossom as the Director of Corporate Relations. Sara is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who consistently generates new innovative approaches to her job. During our work together, I witnessed Sara´s phenomenal tema leaderships skills and project management abilities, developing new strategic guidelines and planning and implementing new projects.

On the interpersonal side, Sara possesses superior communication skills. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve established goals, such as learning English sign language to better communicate with people withe disabilities. The measure of these skills was demonstrated by the degree to which this clientele enjoyed her company and responded to her. Sara is highly respected, on both a personal and professional level, by colleagues, employees, and customers alike. Based on my experience in working with her, I highly recommend Sara Mariner for any management position.

Writer, Coach, speaker, entrepreneur – Richard Largman

My name is Rich Largman and I am a speaker, entrepreneur, writer and business coach. I have had the privilege of knowing Sara Mariner when she spent several years in the United States working for Community Options and The Center for Discovery, in the New York City area.

I think it is much more valuable to speak of Sara’s character and personality, two things that I believe are vitally important in any successful coaching relationship, and two things that truly distinguish a great coach, for they are things that cannot be learned.  You either have them or you do not . . . and I am happy to share that Sara has them, in addition to all the necessary training, experience and expertise.

Sara is like a starburst with the energy, enthusiasm and positive nature she brings to any relationship.  If she had to, she could infuse the world with her positivity and that alone would create a belief in the people she coaches that they can achieve their goals.  Often, all people need to achieve their goals is to know someone believes in them.  Sara does that and more.  Her ability to empathetically connect with others and support their success is powered by her ability to actively listen to them, understand their needs, and then provide honest feedback and questions that will enable them to grow beyond their own previously limiting beliefs and boundaries.

Sara has used all these beautiful gifts not only to succeed in the U.S, but in her endeavors around the world,Her ability to relate to many different cultures and speak their language is the foundation of the successes she built here and abroad.

Here in America we have a saying that states, “Those that can’t do, teach.”  I have often heard this adapted for coaches as well, “Those that can’t do, coach.”  One of the things that has most impressed me about Sara is that she does both.  She can “do” and “coach”.   She holds a dream in her heart, sets a goal and plan to achieve it, and then celebrates the joy of her success when she achieves it.

There is no doubt in my mind that any organization that hires Sara will not only be making an intelligent decision, but will also be taking action that will ensure their future success, and more importantly, their satisfaction.

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